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My name is Keith Mattila, and I want to welcome you to Memphis Best BBQ. I’ll take you to some of the best bbq joints this city has to offer. Some you’ll have heard of, some not so much. For the record, my BBQ bar is pretty darn high. I have cooked with some of the best pit masters in the country. I’m not going to rattle off names, but you know who you are ;). After I show you around BBQ town, I’m going to show you how to create flavors for your friends and family that will bring a smile to their faces and yours.


We are visiting the best of the best and bringing you reviews of the best Memphis BBQ out there.

The pit masters at Memphis Best BBQ will share their best recipes, from rubs, to sauces, and even cooking techniques to help you achieve that Memphis BBQ favor for your friends and families.

We are checking out the best BBQ tools, grills and cooking products out there, one at a time. Check back often, we add these on a regular basis.

We run in a rough crowd! We’ll share interviews with some of the best flavor-masters in the world. We are interviewing as we speak!

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